Westview Aerie, Missoula, MT

This modern house, completed in October of 2014, features several custom designed features including interior & exterior railing, wine bar, lower level bar, and cabinetry.  Under the client's directive, each finish and feature was chosen with it's own "wow" factor.  This was an incredibly fun and challenging project, and it finished beautifully!

Preliminary Selections

Upper Level Living Area

Custom kitchen counter base in production.

Lower Level Living Area

Lower level bar with wagamama marble top and custom made stainless steel base.

Custom Railing
Custom railing in production.

Guest Bath

Master Bedroom Cabinetry

Preliminary Work - Sun Valley Residence

A little something I am putting together for a modern Sun Valley home.  A custom rug and a unique double-sided sofa in a soft grey leather.  

Walnut Slab Desk Design

Furniture Design

Concept Boards

Draft boards for a project soon to be revealed!

Missoula Condo

This is a project I completed over the last year, in collaboration with California-based designer Laura Neuman, owner at www.pepperjackinteriors.com.  She and I worked remotely through the miracle of technology and no lack of skill to make this happen!  What was originally a drab shell of a condo was transformed into this cozy, colorful, easy Montana getaway for our California based clients and their grown family.

Inspired Decorating

The Bee's Nest

My son rides his bike up a short trail to school every single day, even if it is snowing sideways.  He shares little nuggets of information with me regarding what he saw or heard en route, or he might bring me a treasure from the woods.  This particular February day, he called me from school to report having found the greatest ever hornets nest.  
"I know you're gonna want it, Mom."
Naturally, I want it.  I want to illuminate it, like this one of Uncle Gus's.  Fuzzy picture, but in real life, he skillfully mounted a bee specimen as if it were buzzing out at you.

the chalkboard project.

A mild effort.  My grand concept in chalkboard art is off to a slow-ish start.

my most favorite gift...

From my Uncle Gus, collector of the unusual.  Each year Gus, my mother and I exchange artifacts but Gus always wins the prize for the most uncommon.  

Grey Gardens

There's something about old houses that just gets to me. Here's a great article from NYT with before & after pics of Grey Gardens.

I'm picking out a thermos for you...

Got this vintage thermos for my dad...to go in his refurbished Avion trailer.

Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present

What?  You painted it white?  That's just crazy.

2009, 2010

The Best Find Ever

Last October I went to Home Resources just to check in, because you never know what you will find.  Lo and behold, stashed in a dark corner, is this AWESOME piece of black slate, 55x42 inches.  Eat your heart out, chalkboard paint wanna-be's, this is the real thing.  The best part...it was only $20.  So I had my trusty business partner at Blue Dog Furniture frame it up in reclaimed oak, which I wire-brushed and finished with water based poly.  It's a family effort intended strictly for artistic purposes...no grocery lists, chore charts, or colored chalk.  Please.

I look forward to seeing how it evolves...